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What you get

  • Two sessions, very hands-on:

  • Get to use our best financial tools

  • 7 days Unlimited WhatsApp support


ANG 160,-

Incl. O.B, drinks & snacks

Debt, be gone!

Do you want to:

  • Erase the majority of your outstanding debt?

  • Have a workable plan on how to do that?

  • Save more money every month, because you have paid off your debt sooner than expected? 

What is included?

  • Two sessions of 3 hours each

> 1 Personal Finance session

> 1 Strategy session

  • Get to work with your real financials

  • Create a workable debt strategy

  • A small group of max. 5 participants

  • 7 days of unlimited WhatsApp support for all your Q's

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