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Sabí ku sèn: Talk

An in-company 1-hour talk for your employees

where they will never see money & their personal finances the same again.

"Study, find a good job, and work really hard", we've probably all gotten that advice for a financially promising future, when we were younger.

Unfortunately, that advice is outdated even more so

with rising inflation rates and savings interest rates

at an enormous low.

In this high energetic Talk, we will inspire your team about the benefits of managing personal finances and financial freedom.

Some money-related topics that we talk about:

  • A new perspective on the "Game of Money" and how to win at it;

  • Refreshed insights on the importance & principles of personal finances;

  • The purpose of money;

  • High-level but practical tools on how to manage your money.



Sabí ku Sèn: Talk

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