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Sabí ku mi Sèn


September 7th, 2024

Are you ready to:

  • Turn your dreams into real, doable goals?

  • Break down the costs and build a step-by-step plan?

  • Learn how to make a plan to manage your money?

  • How to make a start to build wealth?

  • Learn and implement strategies that actually work?

What is included?

  • All sessions are included in the price

  • These are group sessions

  • Very practical: Get to work with your real financials

  • Our best financial tools to manage your financials

What you get

  • In-person sessions, very hands-on

  • Our best financial tools to manage your financials


Starting from

ANG 200,-

Incl. O.B, tools & digital course ebook

We've got some exciting news! We now offer the Pichiri Power Package, where you'll first identify your goals in the Financial Focus Workshop, and then craft a plan in the Sabì ku mi Sèn Bootcamp to achieve them. Because goals are nothing without taking the right action!


Choose the option that suits you best and let's make those dreams happen.

Take a Pick

Pichiri Power


Price: ANG 350,-

First turn your financial dreams into actionable goals with the Financial Focus Workshop in order to take the right actions with the Sabí ku mi Sèn Bootcamp.

Sabi ku mi Sèn


Price: ANG 200,-

Get a real grip on your personal finances in two sessions #BootcampStyle!

A Few That Went Before You


- Sam

Donata C, sabi ki mi sen bootcamp.PNG

- Donata

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