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Money Management Coaching Group


September 14th

The path to more control of your Personal Finances starts HERE.

"We were not taught financial literacy in school. It takes a lot of work and time to change your thinking and to become financially literate." - Robert Kiyosaki

What is the Money Management Group Coaching?

In three (3) months you and a small group (of max. 6 people) will be empowered to regain control of your personal finances. As a result, you'll have more power and influence over your (financial) future.

You'll get access to:

  • Bi-monthly group sessions, a combination of in-person and virtual

  • Money Management Tools, Templates & Practical Exercises

  • A group online environment with support from your coach(es)

  • 1:1 & Group Support, Encouragement, and Money Accountability

So, what will Money Management Group Coaching look like?



Our first session is always to get to know each other and to go in-depth about your goals for your Money Management Group path. We'll also put together a focus plan for the next 3 months.

Bi-monthly Group Sessions

  • Twice a month we meet in person or online as a group for Money Coaching and to go through the exercises

  • During these sessions we hold each other accountable on the to-do's, progress and learnings.

In between sessions

We make sure your financial education is up to date

  • You will have 24/7 access to the online learning platform which is full of Money Literacy Videos, Tools & Templates

  • On the online learning platform, you will have access to your coach(es) for assistance in-between our sessions.

Money Personality Test

Before the start of the Program, you will take an online Money Personality. to better understand your money profile

Together, yet private & apart

  • We don't share your financials with the group. In other words, you don't have to be worried that someone in the group will know your financial business.

  • You always have contact with your coaches who can assist you privately with your financials

Stripe banner Pichiri (1).png
Stripe banner Pichiri (1).png

Are you ready to take charge of your finances?

Stripe banner Pichiri (1).png

Your investment

What is included:

  • You will never see money the same again! At the end, you will have (re)gained control of your personal finances

  • Bi-monthly small group sessions, a combination of in-person and virtual

  • 24/7 access to the online learning platform, including Money Management Tools & Templates

  • 1:1 & Group Support, Encouragement, and Accountability for 3 months

NAf 160,-

Per month,
per person

incl. ob

A Few That Went Before You


- Joline


- Cly

Do you want to try one of our
bootcamps first?

Money Management Group Coaching

Starts on April 6th, 2024

Limited availability

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