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Sabí ku sèn: Workshop

An in-company 2.5-hour practical and interactive

session for your employees, where they get to work.

The workshop will have brief hands-on, but FUN exercises where we will teach and educate your employees on the principles of effective personal finances & money management.

In this high energetic Workshop, we will inspire your team about the benefits of managing personal finances and financial freedom.

During this workshop:

  • We will talk about the principles of personal finances

  • Apply effective zero-based budgeting principles & how to use it

  • Share insights on how to manage your money

  • Zoom in on Money Management Methods

  • Talk about the basic fundamentals of Wealth Building.

After the Workshop your employees will have learned:

  • HOW to apply money management tactics.

  • HOW to make a budget and stick to it

  • WHAT the biggest hurdles are that are keeping us from more financial freedom and how to overcome them

  • Basic information about the fundamentals of Wealth Building.

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