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Why we do,
what we do at Pichiri.

The feeling that there is never enough money, is a stressful feeling. At Pichiri, we have been there too58,000 euro knee-deep in student debt, a mortgage, and two young children under the age of 5, that was the situation.

We started to implement personal financial tactics and strategies that work for our small Caribbean islands -Hello, outrageously high costs of living on an island!- 


When we experienced firsthand that financial freedom IS possible, we decided to share our knowledge and learnings with those that want to improve their personal finances.

As you can see, our -why- is simple:


Financial Freedom


So we can live happier, more tranquil, and empowered lives.

We offer services for individuals, groups, companies, and educational institutions. Let's find out how we can help and empower you(r) (employees).

Ready for your Financial Freedom?

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