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Sabí ku sèn: Bootcamp

The Bootcamp consists of TWO 3-hour sessions, which go deeper than the Workshop. These sessions will be much more in-depth and hands-on.

Why 2 sessions? Becoming better with money takes time and practice. We'll be going deep with your employees.

In this high energetic Bootcamp, we will inspire your team about the benefits of managing personal finances and financial freedom.

During this Bootcamp we will:

  • Talk about the principles of personal finances

  • Share insights on how to manage your money

  • Zoom in on Money Management Methods

  • Talk about the basic fundamentals of Wealth Building

  • Participants get to work on their personal finances, including calculations and exercises.

  • Our Money Workbook consists of all the money management methods, and tools, which have been discussed during the Bootcamp.


After the Bootcamp your employees will have learned:

  • HOW to apply money management tactics

  • HOW to make a budget and stick to it

  • WHAT the biggest hurdles are that are keeping us from more financial freedom and how to overcome them

  • Basic information about the fundamentals of Wealth Building.



Sabí ku Sèn: Bootcamp

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